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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) – A Utah company is helping people protect what they value most when the unthinkable happens. 

When firefighters rush toward a burning building, they never quite know what to expect. 

“It could be a grease fire, it could be children playing with something they shouldn’t be.  We do see some electrical fires,” said Utah State Fire Marshal Coy Porter. 

Porter says while each emergency has its own set of challenges, some fires are easier to extinguish than others, thanks to modern-day ceiling sprinkler systems. 

“It gets the fire when it’s very small, puts it out, and the firefighters don’t have to do a lot of extra work,” Porter explained. 

Jerry Allen gained an appreciation for emergency safety systems years ago.  He says every building should have quality fire protection. 

“I’ve got a wife, I’ve got kids, and I sure want them protected, you know, not only at home but also the places they go shop, the places that we go travel,” he explained. 

To Allen and his team at Delta Fire Systems, Inc., ‘quality fire protection’ means customized fire protection, designed specifically for your floor plan and needs. 

“We have our own engineers on staff… so we use the codes and the requirements within the building codes and fire codes,” Allen said.  “We also do a thing called hydraulic calculations, which proves that the fire system is going to work in case of a fire,” he explained. 

Allen says believe it or not, water is not always the best defense against flames.  Experts say foam is sometimes most effective at fighting fires where gas is present; for example, inside this large airplane hangar at Hill Air Force Base. 

Whether you are using foam, Novec, CO-2, or anything else, experts say the key to installing an effective fire system is knowing the nature of the building. 

“Any sort of extinguishing agent is based off of the classification of the fire,” said Aaron Dickens, Vice President of Delta Fire Systems. 

Understanding the science behind the systems is what Delta Fire Systems does best.  That is why they provide future foremen with five-year apprenticeships to really master the technicalities of the trade. 

“There’s a lot to the actual job that you’ve got to know.  There’s potential to flood a building if you take apart something without shutting it down…” said apprentice Austin Cottle.  “This is life safety equipment,” he reiterated.  

No question, protecting people is a big responsibility, but the team says that is what makes a job well done so fulfilling.

“We want to make sure that when we leave, the people there are going to be safe for many years to come,” Allen said. 

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