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(ABC4 NEWS – SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Meet Gaya Samarasingha.

As I asked her if I was pronouncing her name correctly, she teased me as she said; “I was born and raised in Sri Lanka. Do you know where it is?” The answer to all you geography buffs is that Sri Lanka is an island south of India. It had previously been known as Ceylon.

Gaya brought some suitcases to show me. “I came here to go to Utah State and all I brought was the 2 luggages and that was 15 years ago.” We are talking some pretty big suitcases, but to think that was all that you brought from your homeland is thought provoking.

Gaya has come a long way since then. Multiple degrees, over a decade in corporate America and now, just like her Mother back in Sri Lanka, a successful entrepreneur.

I asked her to tell me more about her Mother. “She was a role model for us. When I started my own career, I realize what an incredible thing she did and what an admiration and influence she has been in my life.” Come to find out that Gaya’s Mother started a yogurt business out of their home and ended up building a highly regarded business with over 100 employees.

As the Founder and President of Kalaia, Gaya is taking inspiration from her Mother and Mother Earth.

“We have a skin care line that is made from natural ingredients from around the world. These are very unique ingredients from different parts of the world that have been used in skin care rituals for thousands of years.”

Gaya’s goal is for women to celebrate inner beauty, provide business opportunities and pay it forward.

I asked her what she want to teach her daughter. She replied; “I want to give the same kind of inspiration I got from my Mom. My philosophy is if you are willing to work hard and stay focused and persevere you can do anything. I want her to know that the sky’s the limit. Whatever she decides to do.”

I decided to try one of the Kalaia products. We went into the makeup room at the ABC4 News studios and Gaya went to work mixing her magic.

As she brushes on a green mixture with a nice light tea fragrance, I asked her what it does. She told; “It revitalizes your skin. It gives you that hydration. It’s also cleans out your pores.”

I have to admit it was a bit relaxing. I’m pretty sure that after watching this story my granddaughters are going to want to paint my face green again soon.

With another Utah Success Story, I’m Doug Jessop, ABC4 News. Utah Success Stories is made possible by the generous support of Finance Peak, the ticket to your finance needs.

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