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(ABC4 NEWS – OREM, UTAH) Imagine your great-grandfather play his prized piano. Ashton Young says he can almost hear him and picture where the piano has been.
Ashton Young tells me; “him and his brothers and sisters, they’d actually load this piano up on horse and buggy and they’d have these big events where they would play their music.”

The 1913 Heirloom made its way down the family line and next belonged to Young’s piano prodigy grandfather. Ashton exclaimed; “you’d name the tune, and he’d just play it.” 

The strength of the family bond is strong, even though Young never met those relatives. “My great grandfather died in the 70’s, and my grandpa died the same year I was born. ” 

Storied of their lives are music to his ears and why he recently had the heirloom instrument restored for his family. With nostalgia in his voice, he continued his story; “I want my children as they grow up, playing on a piano, knowing their great-grandfather learned how to play the piano on this.” 

Family resonates with Brigham Larson, owner of Brigham Larson Pianos. He built his Orem based piano restoration company from the ground up with his wife and children right there with him. 

Brigham and his wife, Karmel, told me of starting with a big detached garage. The garage could only hold so may pianos. They went to dinner one night and put together a mission statement on a napkin…seriously, they still have the napkin. After years of resurrecting neglected and abandoned pianos, their business expanded into a warehouse in 2010.

That mission of “facilitating positive musical experiences for families” is going strong. The piano whisperer and his team of skilled craftsmen offer services from replacing ivory keyboards to rebuilding soundboards.

Brigham Larson showed me some of the project they were working on and said; “we take it from really whatever state that it’s in and we completely redo the inside to essentially make it new again.” 

As we look over Ashton Young’s great-grandfathers piano he comments; “it’s starting that multi-generational stop-watch over. People aren’t just investing just in the instrument.  They’re investing in the history.  They’re investing in the family history.  They’re investing in sentimentality.” 

Ashton Young summed it up; “Music’s healing.  It will heal you when you’re down and out. I want my children to have that, and hopefully they’ll pass it on to their children.” 

With another Utah Success Story. I’m Doug Jessop.

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