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(ABC4 NEWS – SALT LAKE CITY, UT) For Maggie Booth and her sister growing up in a recreation-oriented family meant putting up with “Bad Dad Jokes.” Especially when your Dad, Chad, produces a weekly television show. I have to admit that over the years I have featured my kids in my various broadcasting projects.

Maggie told me; “My dad would give us loose, kind of scripts, and I always loved it.” 

Chad Booth, the creator and host of “At Your Leisure” says that a lot has changed since they started the show over 16 years ago; “New sports happened.  When we started the show, there weren’t side-by-sides.” 

New technologies have created opportunities for new experiences. When it comes to these new challenges Chad and his wife Ria are up for anything…well almost anything.

An example is Ria rappelling through a slot canyon. She looks up towards the camera and exclaims; “I did not think this was part of the contract where I dangled like this.” 

Ria is great sport and what you could call the ‘comic relief’ for At Your Leisure.

At Your Leisure gets access to lots of new products that they can try for viewers to see. An example of one of those partnership is Steadman’s Recreation. Russell showed off a new ATV machine while we were taping this story and told us; “We literally got this yesterday, and I’m like ‘you guys, get that together.  It’s got to go with me in the morning.”

It is amazing what AYL’s 10-person team pulls off by producing 48 new episodes each and every year.  All while helping drive Utah’s Economy.

Did you know that motorized recreation brings 8 Million dollar a year to Utah? It’s largely because of AYL.

Chris Haller, with the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation, told us; “That’s more than camping, hiking, and fishing combined. it helps shoulder some of those counties across the state that may have some downtimes giving their current economic situations.”

For people still trying to decide whether to visit a particular destination, the show is the answer. Chad put it this way; “Whether you like snowmobiling, ATV’s, kayaking, we’ve taken a blueprint of all these places around the west, and you can tune into our show and reliably say, ‘okay that’s a place I’d take my family.” 

With another Utah Success Story, I’m Doug Jessop, ABC4 News.

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