Parris RV believes the family that plays together stays together

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The Good4Utah Road Tour is winding down for this season. In this installment of Utah Success Stories, we check in with a family that believes in the phrase “the family that plays together stays together.”

As part of the Good4Utah Road Tour News4Utah Chief Meteorologist, Dan Pope, broadcasts weather live from a variety of Utah State Parks. Pope reports “we’ve been to a lot of state parks throughout Utah. The State Parks are in unique locations and many of them people don’t even know about.”

One of the locations visited this year was Dead Horse Point State Park. According to Park Manager, Dillon Hoyt, “I think people would be surprised how many parks are within 2 hours of their backdoor. I would bet that almost everybody in Utah can be at 5 or more parks within 2 hours. I would challenge them to go to those parks that are within 2 hours of their own house.”

Utahans with RVs are heeding the challenge. The Parris family believes in the phrase “the family that plays together stays together.”

Dori Parris, affectionately known as ‘the boss of the boss’ at Parris RV says “my favorite memories with our family is just touring around our great state of Utah. There are so many beautiful spaces right in our own backyard.”

Did you know that Utah boasts one of the highest RV ownership per capita in the entire United States? According to the RV Industry Association (, wholesale RV shipments across the country topped half a million units for the first time last year. 

For the past 4 years, Brett and Dori Parris of Parris RV has been one of the sponsors of the Good4Utah Road Tour. Owner of Parris RV, Brett Parris stated “I love doing the Good4Utah Road Tour for numerous reasons. I still love to explore. I still love to go to the state parks. I like to see them for myself. I love to show RVs. I love to show the parks.”

What is Parris’s favorite of the 44 Utah State Parks? It’s a hard question to answer, “Bear Lake is beautiful. Snow Canyon is beautiful. Some of the nice surprises for be would have been Fremont Indian State Park, I thought that was cool. Kodachrome, I hadn’t been there until a year ago Road tour, and I thought that was incredible…and who can forget Goblin State Park. What a great place!”

What’s the “why” of touring the various Utah State Parks for the Parris family?  It’s all about family fun and family memories. Bret Parris says, “I grew up RVing with my family when I was young and when we got married and we had kids there was no way that I was going to go without my kids having the same kind of experience I did.”

With another Utah Success Story, I’m Doug Jessop.

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