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(ABC4 News – Salt Lake City, UT)  All of us have received something in the mail, where we go wow, this big huge box and this tiny little item.

Here’s the problem. How do businesses decide what size boxes to buy, figure out where to put them and make sure you keep your customers happy? Lifetime Products President/CEO, Richard Hendrickson needed to find an answer.

He explained; “We make everything from little tiny, tiny items that need to ship. You can think of a needle to pump up a basketball, up to a 13-foot kayak. That’s a pretty broad spectrum of box sizes and customer types we need to take care of. “

Lifetime Products makes and packages everything from basketball hoops, tables and chairs, outdoor equipment and storage, coolers, and of course, kayaks. How in the world do you package a kayak?

The answer is a company based in Salt Lake City that has some pretty impressive technology. I got the chance to tour the headquarters with Hendrickson as well as the CEO of Packsize, Hanko Kiessner.

Lifetime Products had a problem they need to solve. Hendrickson told me and Keissner; “The ability to make a box that is the right size for that kayak as we need it is how this whole project started for us. How to package a kayak. That was the first thing we worked on together.”

Packsize International has created a very special machine that creates custom boxes, when you need them, with what they call “on-demand packaging.”

Hanko Kiessner explained it simply; “We have basically miniaturized an entire corrugate factory into a tiny footprint of just one machine which can fundamentally exactly do the same thing that a big corrugate factory can, only now we are doing it in our customer’s facility.”

What kind of difference does that make for their customers. Richard Hendrickson explained the difference it has made at Lifetime Products; “Instead of 100 types of boxes we have 2 large rolls of corrugate. Their machine will then cut, score and create a box the right size for the item we need to ship.”

It’s hard to describe how awesome the Packsize demonstration area is. It would be fair to say that “to see is to believe”. Hanko told me; “On demand packaging enable our customers to delight their customers through an optimal delivery experience.” From what I could see they are getting it right, including the right size box. 

Echoing what a lot of Packsize customers report; Hendrickson added; “We make a small box for a small item and a big box for a big item. That translates into saving the environment, eliminating waste in the process and saving money.”

With another Utah Success Story, I’m Doug Jessop, ABC4 News.

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