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(ABC4 NEWS – BLUFFDALE, UT) The roar of machines, sparks flying. It’s the sights and sounds of how things are made with lasers and metal.

David Arbon, President of Fiber Nation Laser & Fabrication is making dreams into reality; “We do a lot of components for vehicles. We went to the SEMA show in Las Vegas with 14 vehicles we did parts for.”

How did it start? “Growing up I loved welding. I loved working with metal. The team we have here. They are in the same boat;” David said.

Walking into the shop at Fiber Nation, I was amazed to see how, well bluntly…how clean the shop was. David explained that they are a job shop that does all kinds of projects. Some of those jobs require some pretty detailed work. He showed me a metal box with special curves, compartment and fancy hinges. David explained; “These are in the food grade industry. These come in as a flat sheet. We work them until it is a finished product including all the bending and welding.”

Have you ever had an idea that you would love to see made into something tangible? David is the guy to talk to; “Doug, if you had an idea. Crazy idea. You bring it into us. We’ll draw it up. we will cut it, we’ll bend it, we’ll weld it, we’ll finish it. We can do a project from A to B and have it completed finished, or we can have it half way done where you can finish it as your own product”

A lot of the time Utah Success Stories is a cross between “How it’s Made” and “Dirty Jobs”.  I’ve been told I have all kinds of crazy ideas…so…. challenge on!

David gets a big smile on his face and says; “I imagine you would like to get your hands dirty and make some parts.” Oh yeah!

True confession, I did put on gloves and safety glasses.

I had sent over some artwork for an idea for a sign. The design geeks at Fiber Nation Laser & Fabrication had done their thing and showed me a blueprint. It looked great! Mind you, they would usually do everything from there to a finished product, but I get to make things in my stories, so game on. They took me out to the shop and had me take a piece of aluminum and put it on this big impressive metal grid. They had already loaded all the computer info into their big expensive fiber laser machine. I pushed a couple of buttons and my piece of aluminum was now in the belly of the beast. They showed me how to align things and then it was showtime. I got out of the way. They gave my videographer, Ed Wilets, some special glasses to be able to film and the laser did its thing.

It was amazing to see how precise and fast the laser cut through the metal. After the magic was done on that machine, David helped me punch out the waste material. The next stop was a machine that helps take off a small layer of metal at a time to expose the bright metal.  This new sign turned out awesome!

I turned to David and asked him; “What’s something people might not know about Fiber Nation?” He replied; “This last year we’ve been able to supply parts to five different companies in Utah that were nominated and awarded Utah Best of State.” Impressive indeed.

With another Utah Success Story, and a new sign, I’m Doug Jessop, ABC4 News.

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