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Little giants roaming Springville, Utah

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(ABC4 NEWS – SPRINGVILLE, UT) As I get a tour of a large manufacturing plant there are signs everywhere about safety. It is clear this ladder company takes safety seriously. My tour guide, Ryan Moss, explains; “Every single day and from those accidents 100 disabilities and 1 death and so our “why”, the reason we get out of bed every day is to help prevent those injuries.”

One of the largest ladder manufacturers in the county, Springville, Utah based Little Giant Ladders is making a difference. Ryan started on the production line 34 years ago and is now C.E.O. (talk about climbing the corporate ladder…I couldn’t resist the dad joke…)

“One of the things we’ve done to avoid injuries and save lives is to address the 5 leading causes of ladder accidents. We’ve taken each of those and built products to address those, Ryan said.

The 5 leading causes of ladder accidents are:

1. Repeated handling of heavy, traditional equipment

2. Using the wrong type or size of ladder for the job

3. Over-reaching

4. Improper setup

5. Missing the bottom rung

Ryan demonstrated one of their trademark ladders with the pride of a proud Papa; “This particular ladder is really one that does it all. It’s an extension ladder, multiple sizes of an A-frame ladder, it’s a staircase ladder and it can also separate into trestles and you can put a plank across it. This one ladder will replace many, many ladders.”

What you may not know about Little Giant Ladders is their humble beginnings. In 1972, Entrepreneur Hal Wing licensed a new concept in ladders for a German

painting contractor and started to climb to new heights. His sons are carrying on the legacy of their father.

Art Wing commented; “He used to like to say ‘he got very good at selling – He sold his boat, he sold his motorhome, he sold his car and he sold some other things. It was really rough at the beginning.”

Today Little Giant Ladders sells to everyone from home owners, the construction industry, cable TV companies, NASA and even the military.

At Little Giant Ladder every rung, every rivet and every weld matter, because every person matters. With another Utah Success Story, I’m Doug Jessop, ABC4 News.

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