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(ABC4 NEWS – SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Imagine it’s 1996. It seems like “The Macarena” is playing on every radio station in the world. Coby Strom takes us back in time; “When I was in high school that had a little machine that cut stickers. I had an infatuation with stickers. The whole back of my truck was covered with stickers that I created.”

Back to the present day, Coby’s love of stickers led him to be the owner of a branding company called Synergy Grafix.  I asked him where the name came from; “We believe that synergy between all your different marketing pieces is what makes it even stronger and the graphic, how we spell it, g-r-a-f-i-x, is because you kind of need to get your fix of graphics here.” I commented that a lot of graphics out there need to be fixed. He agreed with a laugh.  

Coby still gets to work with stickers. They’re just a lot bigger now. His company specializes in vehicle wraps.

Synergy Grafix has done everything from business card to a popup booth and, of course, vehicle wraps for Onsite Detail. Owner Chris Blaisdell explains why. “It’s sets us apart as being professionals. Being detailers as compared to the next guy down the street that has a bucket and sponge. This is actually the 6th vehicle they have wrapped for us.”

I asked Chris if it was okay for me to help do the wrap on his vehicle.  He smiled and replied; “Yeah, because they can fix it later.”

Now that I had gotten permission, Coby walked me the through the process; “Once that idea is on a template and they’ve proofed it and accepted the design it’s going to go into the print process. From there, we are going to laminate it. The lamination will help protect the wrap.  From there it is going to go into prep. From cutting the panels down to labeling the panel to cleaning the vehicle like it’s never been cleaned before. Then the fun part, we are going to go into installation.”

Coby’s master installer, a guy named Doug (not me…another Doug), showed me the ropes. Let’s just say it was a good thing that Chris acknowledged that the installed could be fixed. I can say with certainty that the wrap was done by a person named Doug.

Why does Coby do what he does? “I love small business. I love what I do here. But I have so much respect for small business owners and entrepreneurs;” he said.

His clients love him back. Chris told me; “Our vehicle wraps get a lot of attention and not necessarily that looks awesome, but ‘I need my car detailed.’”

With another Utah Success Story I’m Doug Jessop, ABC4 News.

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