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(ABC4 NEWS – Salt Lake City, UT) Imagine running 200 miles in 2 days…on purpose. Ben Light is a Utah based Ultra Runner that said; “anything above a 26.2 is considered an ultra-marathon, and I specialize in a slighter distance — a 200-mile distance.”

Running a 200-mile race is certainly extreme and requires some serious preparation both mentally and physically. Light has got training and nutrition down to a science; “I try to use natural products.”

Light says he could almost run forever with the right balance of protein, carbs and electrolytes.

Fortunately for Light and other serious athletes, there is a Utah based company that has figured out that balance. Gnarly Nutrition products are exactly what the name implies. Eli Kerr, Founder of Gnarly Nutrition, commented; “We wanted a brand that people could adapt into kind of hardcore, very active lifestyle.”

Utah is a hotbed of technology and product developers like Gnarly Nutrition’s Shannon O’Grady; “We start with the need — so whether it’s fuel, whether it’s recovery — then we mine the research to see what’s effective…so, everything that we do is very science-backed.”

The fact that Gnarly has chosen to manufacture locally has impressed retailers like Debbie LaBelle with Whole Foods; “Our customers really demand local products, and it’s great for providing a smaller ecological footprint. That product does not have to be shipped to Utah because it’s already here.” 

Utah’s athletic community and its influencers are taking notice. Professional Athlete and Entrepreneur, Julian Carr said; “I struck up conversation with them about supporting our race series.” “they supported us with amazing nutrition.”  

Gnarly’ s Kerr stresses the importance of relationship marketing and credits small business loan brokerage, Lendio, for the ability to keep moving forward; “Lendio’s kind of eased the pressure of cash flow for us, and that allows us to operate a lot more smoothly.”

With another Utah Success Story, I’m Doug Jessop.

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