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(ABC4 News – SALT LAKE CITY, UT) As my videographer, Ed, walk into Momentum Indoor Climbing you see a cavernous building with load of colored nooks and crannies on tall walls. Walking around the corner, we come upon an area for what they call bouldering. 

We met an enthusiastic 14-year-old, Aldo Lopez. He tells me; “This is my first-time rock climbing.  It looks easy. It’s hard than it seems honesty.”

I asked him about how he got involved in the Big Brother Little brother program? “I started out in 6th grade. I saw my friends having big brothers and thought I would too.”

Big Brothers, Big Sisters makes meaningful, monitored matches between adult volunteers known as “Bigs” and children known as “Littles.” Aldo and his Big, Zach Cutshall, were enjoying a day rock climbing courtesy of a Utah-based company called Gear.com.

Aldo loves being a Little Brother; “We’ve gotten to do lots of cool things. We got to go rock climbing. We go out to the movies a lot. We get to play soccer. Just a bunch of fun things to do.”

Experiences make emotional bonds stronger. That’s why Brig Graff and the team at Gear.com support organizations like Big Brother Big Sisters.

I asked Brig to explain their Give-idend program. He said; “We give you 20 percent back every time you purchase. All the time. 10 percent for you and 10 percent to give to a friend or Big Brothers Big Sister or another charity. That really helps these kids to get that chance to get that piece of gear they need to try something brand new.”

What advice does Zach give to other people thinking of joining Big Brothers, Big Sisters? “Be a friend instead of somebody that’s going to be lecturing. Just be there for them. You don’t have to be their teacher and something good will become of it eventually.”

The team at Gear.com agree. Brig put it this way; “The reality is if you don’t get up and go you miss it and that’s what these Bigs, like Zach, are doing for kids like Aldo. They grab them and say let’s go bud. Let’s get out here and try climbing. Have you ever tried climbing? And we want to support people like that.”

With another Utah Success Story, I’m Doug Jessop, ABC4 News.

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