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(ABC4 NEWS – Lindon, Utah) It’s been said that “necessity is the mother of invention.” In the case of a Utah County man, the desire to lower his blood sugar has turned into a worldwide business making a difference when it comes to food that isn’t just good for you, but actually tastes good.

This Utah Success Story starts in a test kitchen in Lindon as Danielle teaches a group of teenagers the art of blending a better smoothie. She instructs them; “First I want you to grab the almond milk…next step, a couple bananas.” Danielle hands them couple of key ingredients, including P-B-Ft Plus (PB, of course, stand for Peanut Butter) and Natural Agave and things are really starting to stir up to my favorite part, tasting the final project.

Danielle Hayes, Senior VP of Sales, BetterBody Foods concludes the cooking lesson and reports the feedback from her students; “They love them.  It’s great for them.  It’s nutritious for them.  It’s convenient.”

The key to building a successful business is finding a need and solving the problem. Stephen Richards, President/CEO BetterBody Foods, identified that need on a personal note; “I’ve always loved food, and I come from a family diabetic. “

Stephen’s brand, “BetterBody Foods”, fills the need of giving consumers organic, gluten-free, kosher and non-GMO foods while still keeping flavor at the forefront.

He said; “That’s how BetterBody was actually born, and we use that some business model today. I don’t think people are getting the nutrition in their diet that they need, generally, and part of that is they just don’t have time to eat really healthy.” 

People do what is convenient. The way that people create and consume food is changing. Danielle explained; ”We kind of coined the phrase, ‘blending is the new baking, and the reason we came up with that phrase is baking in general is just on the decline.”

That’s one of the reason their “Live-Fit Superfoods Blending Line” has been so successful. It was pretty impressive to get a tour of their 110,000 square food facility. BetterBody Foods imports natural ingredients from 20 countries around the world including oils, grains and health alternatives of all kinds. 

BetterBody Foods is doing things right. They’ve earned various awards including the prestigious Ernst & Younr Entreprenuer of the Year Award. They truly believe in what they are doing by spreading better foods for your body worldwide.

When I asked Danielle what is was like to get that first order into one of the largest retailer in the United States, she pulls out her phone and says “you mean this?” as she is seen with a big smile with a pallet of P-B Fit. 

As we tour the headquarters and production facility of BetterBody Foods, Stephen Richards takes on the role of proud papa as he interacts with his diverse workforce in Utah County. As we walk by a wall of flags from countries around the world.  he explains that what really keeps him going to being able to be a job creator for a diverse workforce. “Every morning I get up, I come into work and the parking lot is full of cars. 100 employees and they are being well compensated. They can feed their family. They can give their family a good education. I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a thrill that is.”

With another Utah Success Story, I’m Doug Jessop.

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