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ALOHA! – Caribbean Style

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The location of Jeff Pedersen’s office in Sandy, Utah should have been my first hint of the meaning behind the business name of Cariloha. Pedersen is the founder and CEO of the fast-growing company. He explained the name simply; “Cariloha — where the style of the Caribbean meets the spirit of Aloha.”

Who is Cariloha?  It’s a business designed to create the softest bedding, clothing, and products around, using a renewable grass.

As Pedersen put it’ “Everything in the store is made of bamboo.  It’s soft, cool, clean, and green.” 

The Cariloha team have perfected a process that turns stalks of bamboo into the finest of fabrics. I all starts at a 24 million square meter farm in Southwest Chine. 

Aaron Hobson, Executive VP of Marketing told us; “It doesn’t take pesticides, it doesn’t take receding, they are growing every single day.” 

Did you know that bamboo is three degrees cooler than cotton, odor resistant, anti-microbial and hypoallergenic? 

Neil Van Leeuwen, ENT Surgeon, Tanner Clinic, told me; “Because bamboo wicks away moisture, the environment just isn’t friendly for bacteria.”

There is plenty of bamboo to go around. George McGinnis with Monrovia is my go-to plant expert. “Because bamboo is a fast-growing plant, it’s not only great for our landscapes but also as a renewable resource.” 

Time for some numbers. This year, Cariloha is on track to do 70-Million-Dollars in sales through their network of 64 stores in 16 countries, relationships with major cruise lines and a big online presence.

Taylor Hatch, E-commerce Associate, Cariloha said; “We’re all over that and make sure we get every dynamic and every generation out there.”

And it’s based right here in Utah. With another Utah Success Story, I’m Doug Jessop.

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