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(ABC4 NEWS – OGDEN, UT) When you see a company’s logo how do you remember them? I got to visit with a company in Ogden, Utah that takes on that challenge with a fun spirited twist.

Steve Conlin, put it this way; “When we started this company, I quickly realized that breaking through the clutter of the established products at the liquor store was going to be the biggest challenge.”

Steve in the C.E.O./President of Ogden’s Own Distillery. We proudly showed me a calendar from the 1890’s with five sisters in frilly dresses. The same image is now on the labels of one of their signature brands. He explained; “The Barrensen sisters have been brought back to life by us, once again promoting alcohol which they did in the late 18 hundreds.”

With successful brands like Underground, Five Wives and Porters’ they have continued the historical spirit with a product they call Madam Pattirini.

Steve filled me in on the story behind the name; “Madame Pattirini was Brigham Young’s 34th child and he, B. Morris Young, was a cross dressing opera singer that would perform from Logan to Sugarhouse in the wards of the church doing an Italian opera. They say he was so convincing that most people did not know that he wasn’t a woman.”

Business is going well enough that they are building a new facility in Ogden. “We are going from 6800 to 32,000.  Everything we are doing for the future requires more space and so we are going to solve that;” Steve said.

I admit the fun part of this story was having Tim Smith, VP of Production, put me to work.

He taught me to rinse the bottles. I didn’t know that they rinsed the bottles in spirits instead of water, so the product wouldn’t be diluted.

Steve then had me put the tinted glass bottles onto a 4 headed filling machine. Lucky for me, the machine has sensors to get just the right amount. From the filling machine I pressed each bottle into a corking machine. The machine let out a “pop” with each successful cork placed.

 From there I put the bottles on a conveyor belt on another machine that puts a capsule over the cork. It was interesting to note that the machine was repurposed from the wine industry.

Back onto the conveyor belt, the bottle then gets a label put on and final inspect.

As you may have deduced, Madam Pattirini gin is made in what they call a “small batch”.  Tim told me; “Now here we are at the inspection process and numbering each bottle. Today we are on batch number 30 and I believe you know the bottle number.”

I was handed “the” pen and wrote batch #30 and bottle #4 on the label.

What has this “overnight success story 10 years in the making” meant to Tim? He got emotional and said; “It’s really special to take something that was just a dream that so many people told me I couldn’t do. but nah, we kept at it. It’s really special.”

With another Utah Success Story, and bottle #4, I’m Doug Jessop, ABC4 News.


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