(ABC4) – A recent study conducted by representatives of Cleveland Clinic and Parade Media suggests that the bulk of Americans find that taking brief moments throughout the day for mental health breaks is beneficial. 

According to Kia-Rai Prewitt, Ph.D. and psychologist with Cleveland Clinic, that finding is not necessarily shocking. 

“You might look forward to maybe a longer work day or feel like you can sustain a longer work day if you are giving yourself these little breaks throughout the day,” she explained.

Though they can greatly improve your overall wellbeing, some of us can’t find the time for mental health breaks. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the survey found that roughly two-fifths of parents reported that they would like to take mental and emotional breaks but don’t have the time to. 

So, the question lingers: what can we do when our mental health is suffering but we are too busy to take a beat?

“I think it’s looking at the time you do have and if it’s not a necessity or it’s not urgent in the moment and you know you need a break, I think just giving yourself permission and say you know I am going to go my bedroom for a minute and do some relaxation breathing, or I am going to ask another family member for help if that’s possible. I just need ten minutes to myself,” said Dr. Prewitt.

Among other things, the study found that those in good health mentally have reported that socializing with others is helpful to both their mental and emotional state, compared to 53% of Americans with poor mental health. 

“When we think about our social connections, it’s not just about having fun and having all these positive experiences. If you have really good connections with other people, then you may feel more safe to be vulnerable with them as well,” she noted.

According to individuals with strong mental health, they believe exercise helps to improve or maintain their mental state. Dr. Prewitt noted that the exercise is not required to be physically strenuous, either. 

“People often times think of physical health or movement as running or jogging, or you’re running on a treadmill, but physical activity doesn’t have to be that heavy exertion. It can just be taking a leisurely walk somewhere or even stretching or doing yoga,” she said.