(ABC4) – The demographic of those getting abortions in the U.S. may surprise you. While most are poor or come from low-income backgrounds, only 12% of patients are teenagers.

Patients are likely to be in their 20s (60%), be religiously affiliated (62%) and already have a child (59%). The second largest age group receiving abortions were patients in their 30s (25%).

According to PubMed “Abortion portrayal in US film and television is frequently misrepresented.” A study from Stanford University School of Medicine reviews how abortion is depicted and analyzed through various media outlets.

The results found that these portrayals of abortions onscreen have a widespread impact across medicine, policy, public health, and overall public opinion.

Another study examines how women who seek abortions are portrayed on TV. The main findings were that most characters who were considering abortion were white, young women in committed relationships who didn’t have any previous children.

The shows included in the study largely lacked representations of women of color, poor women, and previous mothers. The overall conclusion of the study was that these shows may contribute to a perception that abortion is a luxury rather than an essential health care service.

If the U.S. Supreme Court ends up overturning Roe v. Wade, 26 states are certain or likely to ban abortion. Patients having to cross state lines to get access to abortion care would increase exponentially.

While the overall number of abortions nationally has declined over the years, use of medication abortion via pills has been rapidly increasing. The cost for an in-clinic abortion procedure can cost up to $1,500 while the average cost of an abortion pill is $504.

According to Planned Parenthood, the cost of abortion varies depending on the state where you get care. Abortion costs are higher in states with more restrictive policies.

75% of abortion patients have low income. 53% of patients pay for their abortion out of pocket because very few insurance companies cover the costs.

Overall, abortion is a complicated topic. U.S. voters have always been divided on being pro-choice or pro-life with many choosing to be in between.