UTAH (ABC4) – It’s no secret that a weekend away at grandparent’s house is just as fun for the youngsters as it is for the elders. However, new research has found that the quality time spent between children and their grandparents could have benefits that go above and beyond just a warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach. 

According to Healthy Living Idea, a recent study of 500 participants over the age of 70 suggests that spending time with your grandchildren could lengthen your stay on Earth. 

In short, the study found that elders who look after a grandchild decreased their likelihood of falling ill over the next two decades, unlike those who did not spend quality time with their grandchildren. Healthy Living Idea notes that the stress-free atmosphere children provide could be the reason behind these findings. 

Dr. Ronan Factora, an expert at the Cleveland Clinic, weighed in on the matter, saying, “There is a link between providing this care and reducing stress. If providing this care to (grandkids) and others…is one way that we can actually reduce stress, then these activities should be of benefit to folks who are grandparents and provide this care.”

Healthy Living Idea went on to reference a separate study conducted in Australia which found that time spent with grandchildren can have positive effects on mood, vitality, and memory in elders, even reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.