SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – A University of Utah (U of U) student was allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted at the fraternity house Pi Kappa Alpha on Thursday. 

The University released information in a safety report Monday. 

The students we spoke to said, sadly they’re not surprised; sexual assault is an issue on campus and Pi Kappa Alpha or “Pike” has a bad reputation. 

“It’s making myself feel scared to even go out in the evening, go out in any clubs or anything at school. It’s making me scared to even join programs here,” U of U sophomore Dieumerci Kaseimire said. 

The students we spoke to said sexual assault is an issue on campus and something they keep themselves safe from. 

“I definitely know a lot about safety. I never go anywhere without my friends, like, we definitely travel in packs. We know that this stuff is pretty common, unfortunately,” U of U freshman Emily Millbrooke said. 

They said at any fraternity there’s a risk of being sexually assaulted, but Pike is especially unsafe. 

The students said there should be more safety measures in place and if the investigation finds someone responsible for sexually assaulting the victim, they should be held accountable. 

The University released a statement saying they believe victims of sexual assault and they’re providing the student with resources.  

They also said they are working with Pi Kappa Alpha during the investigation and did not say they suspended or took any action against the fraternity.