LAYTON, Utah (GOOD 4 Utah) – People in Layton continue to mourn after two high school students were struck while they were on their way to school. 
17-year-old  Bailee DiBernardo didn’t make it and her classmate Eric Baarz remains in the hospital. 

The accident happened Monday morning at Fort Lane and Lindsay street in Layton. Students who cross there regularly tell Good 4 Utah just how risky it is to cross. 

“Cars don’t stop. That’s why we wait until there is no cars at all coming and then we cross.” said Sophomore Vanna Payne. 

Payne and her friends said Monday’s accident killing classmate and friend Bailee DiBernardo and seriously inuring Eric Baarz was only a matter of time because of how scary it is to cross. 

“We’ve almost been hit before. Like on a Tuesday coming to the gas station,” said sophomore Kaitlyn Hagelstein. 

 “I have told my mom that it is really dangerous. They need lights out here or a crossing guard in the morning, like elementary schools. Yeah it’s kind of awkward. We’re almost mature adults, but still it’s still dangerous,” said Payne. 

However, Layton City officials say until it’s determined what caused Monday’s deadly crash they can’t jump to making any changes, like installing a traffic light. 

“We’ll review it again regardless but we do want to see what the cause was of this accident and if there is some measures we can take we will. If it’s back to the distracted driver all we can do is say ‘Folks please pay attention when you’re driving’,” said Steve Garside, Layton City Attorney.  

As for the full time crossing guard, that is regulated by the state and this area does not meet the state criteria. “They’re more involved with the elementary not even the junior highs. The junior highs will have the flashing lights but the high schools generally do not unless they are on a very large roadway.”

Meanwhile students and others crossing will have to be extra vigilant, but Payne says drivers need to slow down.  “This is a really busy road and there is  a lot of cars  and people don’t pay attention, especially when it’s dark in the morning like yesterday and today.”

Layton City Police Department says once the investigation is complete they will be working with the City Attorney to determine if charges need to be filed against the drivers.