WASHINGTON (ABC4) – Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) introduced the “STOP the GRINCH Act” Thursday afternoon to help mitigate supply chain issues.

The bill aims to ease supply-chain and inflation pressures by streamlining or suspending certain federal regulations on ports, ships, and trucks, a press release says. With empty shelves and backlogged ports affecting American families over recent months, the bill aims to help alleviate the issues.

“The supply chain crisis is making Thanksgiving meals, Christmas gifts, and everyday necessities more expensive and harder to get,” Sen. Lee says. “My STOP the GRINCH Act will help ease supply chain difficulties and get holiday products off of ships, onto trucks, and into stores.  We can STOP the GRINCH and save Christmas.”

The six-point bill would authorize several temporary regulatory waivers and actions in order to help alleviate some of the stress in the freight network supply chain.

In a press release, Sen. Lee says,” The supply chain crisis is already negatively impacting businesses’ bottom lines, increasing consumer prices, and contributing to our broader inflationary pressures. It is time that Congress leads our nation with a targeted response to, at least temporarily, address our supply chain challenges and help our nation weather this storm.”