Steven Powell dead; father of Susan Cox Powell wants property searched


SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) –  Chuck Cox wants one last look at Steven Powell before he closes the chapter on him.

Monday, Washington state officials said Powell died at a hospital. He was 68 years old. He was the father of Josh Powell who was the prime suspect in the 2009 disappearance of his wife Susan Cox Powell. Her body has never been found.

In 2011, police in Washington state raided his home where Josh Powell had also moved into.  That was the beginning of Steven Powell’s legal problems that followed him until his death.

He was arrested and convicted for child pornography and sentenced to prison.  He was released in 2017.

“It’s sad that things have turned out for him the way that they did,” said Chuck Cox, the father of Susan. “He made choices that he did and that affected his whole family.” 

Police said Josh Powell killed his two sons before setting the home on fire and dying in the blaze.  
Steven Powell never offered police any help in finding Susan Cox Powell.  And her father now believes he took secrets with him to the grave.

“I have no doubt,” said Cox from his Washington home.  “I never expected him to tell us what he knew.” 

At the time, Kent Morgan was a prosecutor with the Salt Lake District attorneys office.  

And while some criticized the office for never prosecuting Josh Powell after Susan’s disappearance, he claimed it was impossible to do so.

“The main reason is the requirement of a deceased body in a murder,” Morgan said.  “In fact that’s one of the principals of prosecution.”

But Cox isn’t finished with Steven Powell.
He said police in Washington plan to search Powell’s property one last time.

“(It’s to) see if he left any clues behind,” Cox said.  “Maybe he wrote a note or something to his family or the people, to us.  Who knows.”

A spokesperson for West Valley police said the case has gone cold, but there is still a detective assigned to it.  The spokesperson said if any new information arises, they’ll re-open the case. 

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