Stem Cell Therapy treats ailments in the body due to aging and other common problems


Aging and life experience can present a variety of problems within your body. William Cimikoski, MD, the Medical Director of Utah Stem Cells Joint Treatment and Wellness Center, joined Good Things Utah to talk about how he is helping patients get their lives and bodies back.

Dr. Cimikoski says Stem Cells can be used to regenerate unhealthy tissue throughout the body, and there are several types of ailments he can treat. He told us all about who can benefit from which treatments: 

For Joint Regeneration: Anyone that is suffering from joint pain anywhere in the body including knees, shoulders, ankles, low back, neck, hips, etc.  Causes include things like arthritis, degenerative joint or disk disease, tendonitis, sprains, strains, sciatica, bulging disks, and ligamentous laxity.

For the O and P shot: For men, Dr. Cimikoski can help with Erectile Dysfunction, and for the women, he can treat urinary incontinence and improve orgasm intensity and ability to reach orgasm more quickly.

For Hair Restoration: He can treat anyone that is suffering from thinning hair.

For the Breast Lift: Dr. Cimikoski treats anyone that has irregularities from breast implants or a lack of nipple sensitivity, and also adds volume and lift to the cleavage area.

For the Facial Procedures: He can help generate increased collagen and elastin and improve the skin quality, and also help sculpt and lift sagging skin, which causes deep wrinkles.

For the IV Stem Cell Therapy: Stem Cell IV therapy is provided to treat various systemic conditions where there has been strong evidence that it is actually beneficial.  Utah Stem Cells are adding more possible illnesses that they can treat on a regular basis, based on time to research the efficacy for those diseases. 

Dr. Cimikoski says our body is trying to send enough of the healing cells to repair your damaged tissues by recruiting your own stem cells and platelets from your blood stream to go to the ailing area.  He can inject Stem Cells and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) into and around your joints sending in thousands of times more of these vital cells than what your body can deliver on its own. The Stem Cells are the cells that become your new healthy tissue, and the PRP contain all of the growth and healing factors that help the Stem Cells turn into the new healthy cells.

Dr. Cimikoski gets the PRP from your own blood by processing it in the clinic, and he gets the Stem Cells from a bioengineering company that supplies him with Amniotic and Umbilical Stem Cells. 

Most procedures take about an hour and there is essentially no real down time. You’ll have a little discomfort for a day or two when doing the joint treatments, but usually none at all for the other procedures. Pain medications are provided to help you though this period, But you’ll still be able to walk out of the office right after the procedure and resume all of your normal activities right away.

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Utah Stem Cells has two convenient locations: one in Park City at the Westgate Resort, and one in Salt lake City.

Call: 801-999-4860 or visit for more information.

The address for Park City:

Westgate Resort and Spa

3000 Canyons Resort Dr. 

Park City, UT 

The address for SLC:

6699 S 1300 E 


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