(ABC4) – Like any other sporting event, March Madness goes hand-in-hand with beer and bar food, along with a very sedentary lifestyle in front of the television.

However, Donald Ford, MD, family medicine physician for Cleveland Clinic weighed in on why it’s important to stay active amid the nationally viewed tournament.

“We have some medical concerns when it’s a really long period of time, that people could actually develop something as serious as a blood clot,” said Dr. Ford. “I think that would be unusual in the circumstance of March Madness, but it is a good caution that you should be getting up and moving around every 15, 20 minutes or so.”

Ford suggests watching the games while you exercise. Or, if you’re planning to sit for the entire game, be sure to take breaks during commercials to walk around and stretch out.

The physician went on to place concern over what we consume during the tournament. Ford advises us to be mindful of what we’re eating during the games. He says it’s best to veer away from high-fat and high-salt options. Additionally, be sure to drink plenty of water, as alcohol is dehydrating.

Ford left us with the idea to consider starting a new workout routine or adding healthier foods to your diet, noting how watching those talented NBA stars could be extremely motivating.