ST GEORGE, Utah (ABC4) – A St. George man, 45-year-old Bradley Allen West, has been charged with a jail sentence of 364 days after pleading guilty to two second-degree felony counts of forcible sexual abuse.

West’s crimes date back to 2017 and have been the center point of a five-year-long court case.

Initially, West was charged with four first-degree felonies including one count of rape, two counts of object rape, and one count of forcible sodomy. After a plea agreement was reached in Oct. of 2021 his charges were reduced to the two second-degree felony counts.

Law enforcement first received reports of West’s crimes when a woman with only one leg as a result of an amputation filed a complaint in June of 2017 stating that West had allegedly raped her.

During a police interview with the victim, she told law enforcement officials that she and West met on From there, the two met up at Sakura Japanese Steakhouse for dinner where West had a few drinks. The pair then went Crawdad fishing later that evening, where West allegedly continued to drink to the point of visible intoxication. The victim noted that West’s demeanor began to change as he continued to drink, becoming overly affectionate with her.

After fishing, the couple went back to West’s apartment to play pool. Back at his place, the victim told West numerous times that she would not be having sex on the first date. Despite this, West allegedly began to make advances toward the victim. From there, West picked the victim up and gave her a “piggy-back ride” to his room, separating her from her crutches. At this point, the affidavit states that the victim’s “heart sunk,” and she knew West was not going to listen to her requests to not have sex.

Once West had the victim in his bedroom, he allegedly began to sexually assault her. According to the charging documents, the victim tried to push West off but was unsuccessful. After the assault took place, the victim told West that she needed to get home because her kids would be worried about her.

From there, the victim was able to leave West’s room and hop to her crutches. West then approached the woman for a second time, but she was able to successfully leave his house and make it to her car.

Following the interview, officers with the St. George Police Department played a lengthy game of phone tag with West that lasted nearly a month, attempting to track him down for an interview.

When an officer was finally able to hold an interview with West over the phone, he allegedly denied raping the victim and divulged that he “could not remember all of the details because it was a heated situation and said he was a guy, and it’s what guys do.”

Along with the jail sentence, West was placed on a 36-month probation period and has been mandated to pay a fine of $5,106.64 along with $750 to the victim. As part of his probation, West was ordered to register as a sex offender for 10 years.