ST. GEORGE, Utah (ABC4) – A man has been taken into custody after allegedly murdering another man who had been living with he and his wife and engaging in a mutually intimate relationship with both of them. 

The suspect, identified as 30-year-old KC Comer, is facing numerous charges including murder, possession of a deadly weapon with criminal intent, and discharge of a firearm. 

According to police records, on May 7 at 7:29 a.m. officers with the St. George Police Department (SGPD) received a call from Comer dispatching them to the residence located at 805 S. Dixie Drive on reports that he had shot someone. 

Officers responded to the scene and detained Comer and his wife. They entered the residence and allegedly found the victim deceased on the ground in the master bathroom with what appeared to be several traumatic injuries and multiple spent bullet casings in the room with him. 

In an interview with Comer, he allegedly admitted to having heard what he believed to be his wife and the victim arguing in the victim’s bathroom. As stated in police records, Comer believed the victim to be suicidal and armed with a gun. Comer allegedly got his own firearm from his bedroom closet, ensured it was loaded and that there was a round in the chamber, and determined he was going to kill the victim. 

From there, Comer allegedly walked to the victim’s bathroom where he and Comer’s wife were and proceeded to fire shots at the victim. Comer reported that he was unsure of how many shots he fired, but allegedly stated he continued to fire until the victim stopped moving. 

Comer has since been transported to Washington County Jail and booked on the charges previously stated.