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St. George man arrested for performing lewd act at movie theater


ST. GEORGE (News4Utah) – A man is in custody after police say he performed a lewd act in front of two teenage girls at a movie theater. 

Police say the girls were waiting to be picked up by a parent when they were approached by 27-year-old Steward Jones.

He initially asked the girls what movies were playing.

Police say it was a movie theater employee who called 911 after the girls told them what happened.

“Saturday officers responded to the theater on the report of a lewdness. It was reported that a male had masturbated himself in front of two juveniles, ages 14 and 16 years old,” said Lona Trombley with St. George Police. 

“The girls ran away into the movie theater in order to get away from him. He followed them into the movie theater and they went and hid by another door.

…they reported to the movie theater workers what had happened. …oficers located Steward Jones on one of the city buses. We actually stopped the bus and approached him about the situation,” said Trombley.

Trombley says the girls did the right thing by telling a movie theater employee, but she also wants parents to tell children they never have to talk to an adult they do not know.

If an adult is asking a child for help, that is a cause for concern. So just tell your children if a grown up is asking you for help, your first thought should be: Go to a place where other people are present and you feel more safe,” said Trombley.

This isn’t the first time Jones has been arrested. Police say he was arrested in October after a similar incident at an Arctic Circle less than a mile from the movie theater. 

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