Special delivery for 95-year-old, whose dog was killed this week

OGDEN, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) –  A 95 year-old man is cuddling up with his new trusty companion, Wednesday night, after police say someone killed his pet Chihuahua earlier this week. 
Call after call came into the Good 4 Utah newsroom, as viewers across Utah watched Monday’s 5 o’clock news. 
Ogden Police found Arguello’s dead Chihuahua inside a plastic grocery bag outside their department.  They say 27 year-old K.C. Quintana admitted to killing it before requesting medical help from officers.
“He said he found the dog, killed it, and came to the police department,” said Lt. Kevin Cottrell with Ogden Police. 
Quintana’s family members say he is a good man but that his physical and mental well-being has suffered lately.  Regardless, Quintina was taken to jail, and concerned community members turned their focus to the Arguello, who lost his only companion.
“I feel really bad…” Arguello said. 
“He was very upset, cried, said he lost his best friend,” said Arguello’s granddaughter, Trisha Gaytan.
People offered to buy Tony a new dog, but Good 4 Utah first checked with Humane Society of Utah representatives who also saw the story.
“We were very choked up.  We were definitely appreciative of you thinking of us and reaching out,” said Deann Shepherd, Communications and Marketing Director for the Humane Society. 
Shepherd learned about Arguello’s circumstances and pointed out several good options.  Because Arguello is not feeling well, she narrowed it down to two adorable but different pups — Jack, an energetic, housebroken chihuahua, and Quito, a cuddly chihuahua mix.  Then, the group headed to Ogden.
It took but minutes for Arguello to choose his Chihuahua.
“I kind of like this one,” he pointed.
The chemistry was obvious with Quito!  The two shared a tender moment while becoming acquainted. 
“That’s really tragic to lose a dog, but I hope you can find love with this one, and thanks for opening your heart to him,” Shepherd said, emotional.
Arguello’s daughter plans on helping care for Quito using the doggie treats, toys, and gifts the Humane Society brought them.
While Arguello admits, no one could ever replace his trusty old pal, he says he is grateful for the new company.
“He’s pretty nice!  Thank you!” he smiled. 
Quito is now settling in to his new home, but the other Chihuahua Jack is still looking for a home.  If you are interested in adopting him or another pet, you can click here for more information.

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