TRIGGER WARNING: If you or someone you know needs help, call the Rape & Sexual Assault Crisis Line 1-888-421-1100. 

WASHINGTON CITY, Utah (ABC4) — A Utah man was arrested for alleged child abuse on Saturday after he showed up at the police station while the victim was being interviewed about the alleged abuse.

Jared Thomas Weaver, 49, was arrested on Feb. 11 by Washington City police on three counts of sexual abuse of a child and one count of voyeurism.

Weaver allegedly sexually abused the victim, a teenager at the time, in 2021. In the reports, it was stated Weaver held a position of trust over the victim when he allegedly abused her.

According to the affidavit, Weaver would allegedly encourage the victim to wear more revealing clothing. He would also allegedly buy her clothes and request that she wear those around him.

Weaver also allegedly would walk in on the victim when she was showering and make sexual remarks about her body. According to the victim, Weaver would also touch her inappropriately.

The victim also reported that when the victim slept at Weaver’s residence, he would sleep in the same room as them. The victim said she would often wake up and her clothing had been removed. Weaver would allegedly remove his shirt and wrap his arms around the victim.

After their interviews with the victim, the Washington City police said Weaver allegedly began to express suicidal ideation and possible harm to others. People who knew Weaver told police that he allegedly said that the Enoch family annihilator incident was something he could understand and that he pondered the idea of taking his family to a better place.

Officers first made contact with Weaver Saturday near the Washington City Police Department, while the victim was at the interview. The officers said he appeared to be searching for the victim. The officer also said Weaver was angry and yelling at those who accompanied him.

The following day, Weaver was taken into custody by police for questioning. Weaver stated that he had not had a sexual relationship with the victim and requested an attorney.

He was arrested and taken to Washington County Jail on Saturday night. The police records state that given the concerns of harming himself and his family, that he tried to seek out the victim, and the severity of the offensives, Weaver was held without bail.