WASHINGTON COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) — Two separate incidents occurred over the weekend involving drivers posing as police officers, according to Hurricane Police.

Officer Dan Raddatz, Hurricane Police, says one victim was driving in Hurricane Sunday morning when a truck started following him.

Raddatz says the truck was identified as an older model Toyota Tacoma that had red and blue police lights on it. The driver of the Tacoma allegedly activated the lights in an attempt to pull the victim over.

The victim called 911 after getting a suspicious feeling. The Tacoma reportedly followed them for around two and a half minutes, driving aggressively and flashing headlights.

Raddatz says they made the right decision, as the driver of the Tacoma was confirmed to not be a police officer. Raddatz says if you get a gut feeling that something’s off, call the police.

Another incident occurred Sunday night, where a victim was reportedly pulled over by a minivan with red and blue police lights.

Raddatz says that curiously, a few minutes after pulling over, the minivan sped away.

Raddatz says police are actively investigating the incidents, and warns the public to call 911 if they get that gut feeling that something’s off. No arrests have been made at this time.

No further information is currently available.