LAKE POWELL, Utah (ABC4) — Recent thunderstorms have created a spectacle to behold as huge waterfalls formed down the cliff walls of Lake Powell last week.

The video above was captured by Adrianne Cooper at Lake Powell’s Iceberg Canyon on Wednesday, August 2. A dangerous line of storms came through Utah, Salt Lake, Juab, Garfield, Wasatch, and Tooele Counties that day.

The storms brought 70 mph winds, heavy rain, and an abundance of lightning. In some areas, the storm also brought hail. A Severe Thunderstorm Warning was issued ahead of Wednesday’s weather.

The videos below, courtesy of Eric Wells, were captured at Lake Powell’s Crystal Springs Canyon on July 31.

Lake Powell’s water levels have risen significantly over the last year. According to the Lake Powell Water Database, the elevation of the reservoir changed from 3,520 feet to 3,584 feet between March 18 and July 16 — a 64-foot difference.

Overall, Lake Powell has risen about 43 feet from one year ago. The rise in water levels at Lake Powell can be attributed to the historic 2022/23 winter season. Snowpack peaked at 160% of normal in the central Colorado Rockies, which melted into dams that flowed into the Colorado River.

The Lake Powell Reservoir stores water to mitigate ongoing drought, and is especially critical to drought conditions, according to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.