KANAB, Utah (ABC4) — The Bureau of Land Management is offering a $2,000 reward for anyone with useful information regarding the vandalism of Moccasin Mountain Dinosaur Tracksite, a “world-class paleontological resource,” according to a press release.

Moccasin Mountain Dinosaur Tracksite, located in Kanab, contains hundreds of tracks from many species, including dinosaurs. While the tracks have survived for millions of years, the release says they are extremely fragile.

The BLM is currently working with professional conservators to remove graffiti from the site. They are asking the public not to help clean the vandalism or mold and cast the tracks until the situation is resolved.

“We have a shared stewardship to protect public lands for the protection, preservation and enjoyment of future generations,” said Paria River District Manager Harry Barber. “We take acts of vandalism seriously, and it is important that those responsible are held accountable.”

A $2,000 reward will be given for any information that leads to a successful prosecution of those responsible for the damage, according to the release.

Moccasin Mountain Dinosaur Tracksite has some of the highest diversity of fossilized vertebrate tracks in North America, according to the BLM. Dinosaur tracks located at the site date back to approximately 180 million years ago.

If you have any information regarding the incident, contact BLM Law Enforcement at 435-644-1215 or 435-690-9573. BLM says callers may remain anonymous if they prefer.