IRON COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – A Utah woman has been arrested for allegedly trying to run a man off the road, crashing her car in the process, according to the Cedar City Police Department.

Alora Dailey Burgoz, 24, faces two counts of aggravated assault (third-degree felony), one count of reckless driving (Class B misdemeanor), and one count of criminal mischief (Class B misdemeanor).

On Nov. 4, Cedar City Police received a report of an individual stating that his ex-girlfriend had tried to run him off the road and ended up crashing.

An officer responded to the area, found the wrecked vehicle, and made contact with Burgoz.

Burgoz admitted to driving the vehicle and to following her “boyfriend,” according to the probable cause affidavit. She reportedly stated that she went to visit him and “caught him cheating.”

The affidavit states that the man drove off while Burgoz followed, “trying to get him to stop.”

She allegedly told police that she followed behind him, honking, then pulled up beside him when she “lost it” and let go of the steering wheel, causing it to go in front of his car and off the road.

The man reportedly told officers that Burgoz had followed him in her car and first attempted to “pit him,” striking his driver’s side rear tire with the passenger side front of her car.

The affidavit states that she then pulled up next to him before swerving in front of his car, attempting to run him off the road. Burgoz reportedly admitted to this happening but claimed it was an accident, and officers found what appeared to be tire marks, as well as rubber residue, on the passenger side front of her vehicle.

Burgoz was booked into the Iron County Jail on the charges previously stated.