IVINS, Utah (ABC4) — A man has been arrested in Washington County after allegedly placing a bomb-like device as a “scare tactic” on his property as part of an ongoing water dispute, according to the probable cause statement.

An employee for Ivins Irrigation Company went to Carlos Oliver-Dean’s property to cap the water line when he “found a possible explosive device,” the statement said.

The employee then contacted authorities from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and led them to the water spigot where the alleged bomb-like device was located.

“It appeared that someone had placed a device against a water spicket to scare or prevent anyone from touching near or around the spicket,” the statement said.

The Washington County Bomb Squad arrived to disable the device. Authorities say they identified the device as something that could possibly explode, “causing a chemical reaction that may cause harm to anyone in the immediate area.”

Dean-Oliver allegedly told police he put metal stakes in the ground with bottles of chemicals on or near them and connected the stakes to power. Police say he told them it was intended to be a “scare tactic” to prevent anyone from digging around the spicket. He also said he put it in an obvious location so that it would be visible and they would not proceed.

Officers believe this is part of an ongoing dispute over water rights between Dean-Oliver and the irrigation company that began last summer.

Dean-Oliver was arrested on Apr. 3 and is facing one charge of the use of a hoax weapon of mass destruction. He has been booked in the Washington County Jail.