SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) — The mother of one teen injured in a rollover crash in Juab County over the weekend gave ABC4 an update on Tuesday.

On March 18, Erick Franklin, and three of his friends were reportedly driving in Juab County, near the sand dunes when their truck rolled over. Officers believe the car may have been traveling too fast and lost control.

Franklin and two other teens were ejected in the crash, one of whom, Gideon Fudim, 16, died on Saturday. Erick and the other teen were injured and driven to Utah Valley Hospital and then life-lighted to Primary Children’s Hospital.

A Go Fund Me has been set up for Franklin to assist in paying for his injuries. According to the page, Erick sustained injuries to his liver, kidney, spleen, and pancreas. He also has a bruised lung, broken ribs, a fractured sternum, and a fractured back.

His mother, Michelle Edwards, is a single mom and bus driver for the Utah County Schools, as well as a massage therapist. According to the page, Edwards will be taking time off of work to provide care for Erick.

According to Edwards, Franklin has made some small improvements. She said on Tuesday, he was able to get out of his bed for the first time since the accident. She said Franklin has a feeding tube for now, but that things are improving.

Edwards told ABC4 that they are grateful for the community support and love they’ve felt the past few days. “As [Franklin’s] mother, I feel so much joy over the small improvements to his condition,” Edwards said.

However, she said while she feels joy for her son’s improvement, she also feels pain for those family and friends mourning the loss of their loved one and is grateful for the support of the community to all of the boys.

“My family and I extend our deepest sympathies to all those involved and affected by this tragedy,” Edwards said. “Our boys have so much emotional and physical healing to do, but seeing our community rally around our families and lend support in any way they can, has brought such relief and hope during a time of such pain.”

Edwards said that Franklin has been eager to heal as quickly as possible, and was able to get additional ultrasounds and X-rays on Tuesday. She said the damage to his liver and pancreas is particularly bad, and they’re just playing the wait-and-see game, hoping his organs will improve without the need for surgery.

According to Edwards, even with the pain Franklin’s experiencing, he’s still his sassy self. The nurses asked Franklin “where do you live?” and he sarcastically replied, “next to my neighbor.”

Edwards is asking for $30,000 to assist with Franklin’s recovery. So far $6,952 has been donated to the Go Fund Me page. To donate to Franklin’s recovery, you can visit their Go Fund Me page.