TOQUERVILLE, Utah (ABC4) – Residents in Toquerville are on the prowl for a mountain lion they say has been hunting their livestock for the last couple of weeks.

“You go out in the morning and there’s feathers and you’re like something took a chicken, we saw him walking across the cameras here, lambs are freaking out and he jumped on the roof and he jumped down right here and ran across the yard,” says David Lundell of Toquerville.

Surveillance footage he captured shows what he believes is a young mountain lion that just keeps coming back for more.

“First you know he’s coming back and getting the chickens and when he ran out of chickens he started going after the sheep, so we had one lamb get eaten and we just went a rearranged the barn so we can lock them all up at night,” he says.

Officials from the Division of Wildlife Resources say they set up traps and ran dogs in the area with no luck in finding the animal.

“So according to our policy since it is kind of a multiple offender, it has taken some domestic livestock, it’s been seen around town multiple times, this animal per our policy, will have to be euthanized if we are able to catch it,” says Adam Kavalunas, the Conservation Outreach Manager for the Southern Region DWR.

Residents like Lundell only worry as the mountain lion grows, it won’t just be after small livestock.

“And we got so many kids around here, I mean this is, how many grandkids, nieces and nephews, house pets are starting to disappear, things like that and it’s getting to the point where its got to go,” says Lundell.

DWR officials are asking residents with information to contact their department, reminding people who spot a mountain lion to back away slowly make themselves seem large and loud until they can get to a safe place.