SPRINGDALE, Utah (ABC4 News) – Three visitors were injured and many others were stranded at Zion National Park Saturday evening after a “substantial” piece of rock fell 3000 feet down Cable Mountain.

ABC4 News met with ZNP rangers to survey the damage to the area, where staff said plumes of dust, branches, and small rocks showered visitors at the Weeping Rock trail around 6 p.m., leaving them running for cover.

“I was looking up ad we heard this huge noise,” Sandanie Ambalangodage said, who witnessed the rockfall from the peak of Angels Landing. “It sounded like continuous thunder.”

Park officials said three hikers were injured, one of which was hospitalized, and 19 visitors were stranded at the bottom of the Weeping Rock trail.

Zion National Park ranger Eugenne Moisa said the roads and shuttle stops were closed for 90 minutes until the dust could clear, and at that point, those who were stranded were able to self-rescue.

“The time of day and the fact that East Rim trail was closed really drastically reduced the amount of people that needed help,” said Moisa.

Moisa said that luckily the rock eventually landed on the East Rim Trail, which had been closed all summer due to an unstable overhanging rock.

Staff said they’re unsure of the condition of those who were hospitalized.

The Weeping Rock Trail and the Weeping Rock Shuttle stop (#7) are closed until further notice.

The Echo Canyon and Observation Point Canyon canyoneering routes are also closed, as is the East Rim Trail from Observation Point to Weeping Rock.