CEDAR CITY, Utah (ABC4) — The Southern Utah University Special Collections opened a new student-curate exhibit celebrating the 100th anniversary of the railroad’s arrival in Cedar City.

“The Iron Horse Comes to Southern Utah: The History of the Railroad in Southern Utah” exhibit will run from June to December 2023, and was designed by senior history student Keith Wilson.

“We wanted to show that, yes, the train did come, but it was more than just its arrival,” said Wilson. “It was a journey that brought it here and that journey continued well after the railroad stopped bringing passengers. Overall this exhibit is for those who enjoy a quick informative history lesson with visuals unique to southern Utah.”

According to Southern Utah University’s press release, the exhibit showcases the railroad’s journey from northern Utah all the way down to Cedar City. This includes clothing and personal items, which show the type of individuals who brought the train to town.

“This project not only displays the community’s heritage and builds collaboration between SUU and the cultural heritage community, but it also provides students with practical experience in cultural heritage management, exhibitions, research, and graphic design,” the press release states.

The exhibit can be viewed in the Gerald R. Sherratt Library. For more information, visit SUU’s website.