ST. GEORGE, Utah (ABC4) — A St. George woman was arrested and charged after a teen was ejected from the vehicle she was driving on Sunday.

Raven Lenay Norton, 27, was arrested for possible DUI with serious bodily injury, booked on charges of speeding, a passenger in an unlawful position, and DUI with serious bodily injury. On Monday, she was charged with negligently operating a vehicle and driving with a passenger in the wrong place.

According to the probable cause, Norton was driving a silver Toyota 4runner in Washington County, when a passenger in her car was ejected. Norton said the passenger was sitting on the car door window with his body outside and feet inside the vehicle when he was ejected from the vehicle. The teen was Life Flighted to St. George Regional Hospital.

The reporting officer said that he observed Norton had pinpoint pupils, which can be due to the use of opioids or other drugs, Spring Hill Recovery Center claims. Norton told the officer that she was taking prescribed medication for a back injury.

The officer also reported he could smell alcohol on her breath. When he asked Norton to consent to a field sobriety test, she refused. She also refused to take a portable breathalyzer test.

Following the arrest, Norton was given a DUI Blood Draw. The results of the blood draw are still pending and could result in further charges. According to the probable cause, Norton is an alcohol-restricted driver because she was convicted of impaired driving in October 2022.

Norton was booked into the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and will stay there awaiting further charges.