ST. GEORGE, Utah (ABC4) – A St. George man has been arrested on several charges after he allegedly tried to kill his mother.

On Wednesday, a neighbor called 911 to report a woman banging on her front door screaming for help. When the woman opened the door she saw it was her 95-year-old neighbor who told her that her son was trying to kill her, arrest records state.

Officers arrived at the home and found the suspect, 72-year-old Steven Sweat, on the porch with his mother who was attempting to calm him down.

Sweat told police that he grabbed his mom by the neck and attempted to strangle her to death twice, arrest records state.

When his mother came back to the home after alerting a neighbor for help, her son allegedly picked up a large kitchen knife with an approximate ten-inch blade threatening to kill her.

Another neighbor who witnessed the incident pointed out a knife to police that was located underneath a bush near the porch.

When police arrived, Sweat told them he tossed the knife into the bushes. He also told police that he grabbed his chihuahua dog by the neck and attempted to kill it by strangulation.

After searching Sweat’s room, they found marijuana, and numerous counterfeit $100 and $20 bills, which the suspect says he spent at businesses around St. George.

Sweat was booked into jail on charges of:

  • attempted homicide by assault
  • abuse or neglect of vulnerable adult by criminal negligence
  • possession of forgery
  • aggravated cruelty to animals
  • unlawful possession of a dangerous weapon
  • possession of controlled substance
  • use of a controlled substance