ST. GEORGE, Utah (ABC4) – A St. George nurse’s aide has been charged after being accused of stealing medications from the assisted living facility where she worked. 

Taylor Salisbury, 23, allegedly took Hydro Codone and Morphine pills out of their packs with small incisions and replaced them with similar-looking pills including prednisone and high blood pressure medication. Salisbury reportedly resealed the packs with a small piece of clear scotch tape to secure them shut again. 

Salisbury could allegedly be seen on surveillance footage with either her back to the camera or using a log book to hide her actions. She allegedly could also be seen on surveillance footage taking replaced packs to a car outside and off-camera before returning the packs to the medical cabinet.

Shortly after another nurse’s aide noticed the tampered inciscions, it was brought to the manager’s attention. The manager and staff members began investigating the suspected thefts. The manager replaced all the prescriptions with new ones to monitor the packs again and to ensure that patients were not getting the wrong prescriptions. 

The manager told police he noted a noticeable change in two patients affected by changed medications. 

“[The manager] stated one particular patient did not respond well to having been given blood pressure medication as it was not prescribed and ultimately could have had a serious adverse reaction if gone unnoticed,” a police affidavit states. 

When police took Salisbury into custody, they reported finding Hydro Codone pills that matched the ones taken from the assisted living facility in her possession. 

Salisbury has been charged with two third degree felonies of intentional aggravated abuse of a vulnerable adult, two Class A misdemeanors of possession of a prescription drug for any unlawful purpose, two Class A misdemeanors of possession of a controlled substance, two Class B misdemeanors of deceptive business practice and two Class B misdemeanors of theft. 

Charges are only allegations, and every arrested person is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.