St. George chiropractor arrested after allegedly sexually abusing female patients, employees

Southern Utah

ST. GEORGE, Utah (ABC4 News) – A St. George chiropractor was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly inappropriately touched several female patients and an employee during exams.

Brent David Noorda, 39, of St. George, is charged in 5th District Court with 20 counts of forcible sexual abuse. St. George police said they launched an investigation after receiving complaints about Noorda on July 30th.

Investigators interviewed four different women who came forward saying that Noorda told them he was “loosening their chest muscles” and would then touch inappropriately at Balanced Healthcare, according to the charges.

St. George police told ABC4 News that Noorda offered several of the women vaginal massages.

“When you’re going to see a chiropractor, that doesn’t seem like those two go hand in hand,” said St. George Police officer Tiffany Atkin. “That was a concern when there were other exams on other parts of the body that weren’t even remotely needed for this type of treatment.”

Atkin estimates the alleged abuse by Noorda may go as far back as ten years.

Charging documents states an employee of Noorda, who was also his client, told police he would frequently comment about and massage her breasts during adjustments of the head and neck area.

“He would comment on how her breasts were perfect and she did not need a boob job. ** said it made her uncomfortable, but he was her boss and a doctor and was supposed to be someone she could trust,” the documents state.

The employee told investigators she was required to run business numbers by Noorda at the end of each day. She eventually refused after he inappropriately touched about a dozen times, according to the charges.

Three other women told investigators that Noorda would massage their breasts during exams, according to the report.

“He would say it was for medical reasons and he needed to loosen up the muscle,” the charges state.

Investigators said they also conducted several interviews with other medical professionals at Balanced Healthcare, who all spoke of Noorda’s “constant comments on his patient’s breasts as well as his employees’ breasts.”

Patients of Noorda told ABC4 News Friday the chiropractor’s arrest is a huge shock to the local community. Several patients said they left his practice years ago after he gave them a “creepy vibe,” but others said they’re standing behind him despite the charges against him.

“I almost fell out of my chair when I saw it,” Brenda Stocks said, who is a patient of Noorda. “I just could not believe it. He has always been such a professional person, courteous, kind, and caring.”

The Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing said Noorda will not practice until the case is concluded.

St. George police said the investigation is ongoing and it’s “very likely” there may be more victims. Anyone with information related to Noorda’s case is asked to call the St. George Police Detective tipline at 435-627-4338.


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