CEDAR CITY (ABC4 News) – Exactly one month ago today, Southern Utah saw its first case of COVID-19. Since then, the Southwest Utah Public Health Department (SWUPHD) has reported 70 cases. Fifty-two of those people have recovered, but the department reported results from just 3,700 tests.

While public health officials did acknowledge the small number of tests performed in Southwest Utah, they are encouraging anyone exhibiting one of six symptoms of coronavirus to get tested, and they say they aren’t experiencing any shortage of supplies.

David Heaton with SWUPHD told ABC4 News that Southwest Utah is seeing anywhere from 0 to 4 new cases of COVID-19 each day. Models used for COVID-19 projections have suggested three possible scenarios for the area: that the virus has already reached its peak, that it might reach its peak in the next week, and that it’s still on the rise.

“Overall, we’re not seeing any spikes or trends that would be alarming,” Heaton said. “It causes us to be cautiously optimistic that again, we want to take this seriously, but we also want to balance that with the needs of our economy and our local citizens who want to get back to work.”

Given the area’s relatively low number of cases, Heaton said the department is working with city officials to provide recommendations to gradually loosen restrictions for businesses as well as mirroring the governor’s recommendations.

Anyone from the 5 counties of Southwest Utah — Washington, Iron, Beaver, Kane, and Garfield counties — has access to testing at local hospitals or pop-up clinics. But local health officials said they are still gearing up for additional testing sites, and with that, comes the likelihood that the area will see an increase in positive cases over the next few weeks.

“We haven’t had anyone test positive over the age of 80, so we feel like we’re doing a good job protecting the most vulnerable in our district,” added Heaton.

At this point, a stay-at-home order for any of the 5 counties in Southwest Utah would be highly unlikely, according to officials.