Southern Utah residents speaking out against local pet store

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ST. GEORGE, Utah (ABC4) – Malea Gibson says she bought this Bernese Mountain puppy two weeks after seeing her stuck in a glass container at the Puppy House for two months.

“In the same box, they’re about 2 to 3 feet by 2 to 3 feet square, walked by and tried to pet her she was just very lethargic,” says Gibson.

Gibson says she decided to purchase the 16-week-old puppy marked at $3,800 for $2,500.

“When I got home I put her on the ground, she wouldn’t walk she wouldn’t really stand up,” says Gibson.

Gibson says she brought her Bernese to vets, who told her it didn’t look like she was born with any deformity and corrective surgery will likely be needed costing up to $5,000 per leg.

“Her muscles had atrophied in the two months that she had been in that small enclosure,” she says.

Katy Baal says she was the lead vet tech at the Puppy House. She says puppies are never allowed outside of their box, unless they are sick.

“We put these puppies in isolation, in the back with a towel over them, they weren’t allowed to see sun they weren’t allowed to see us, we’ll bring them back in the back to get checks twice a day, we don’t take them for walks, they never touch the floor, ever,” says Baal.

Baal says employees at the Puppy House always cared for the dogs as best as they could, even taking some puppies to the vet on their own time and dollar. Baal says owners forced employees to put down dogs infected with parvo.

“There was no confronting the owners, you would get screamed out, belittled daily, we scammed people, we scammed people constantly, we lied to people about the puppies weight, we lied to them about their age, how long they’ve been in our store, we lied to them about everything,” says Baal.

Now, locals are taking their concerns to Facebook, in a group called, ‘Take a stand against Puppy House’ where a thousand other customers and former employees are sharing their negative experiences with the business, speaking against puppy mills.

“I’m not sure where they actually get their puppies, they get their puppies from everywhere, from so many different breeders,” says Baal.

ABC4 reached out to the Puppy House for comment on the allegations. They provided the following statement:

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