Search and rescue calls increasing in southern Utah

Southern Utah

HURRICANE (ABC4 Utah) – Southern Utah Search and Rescue has been busy this month with ten Search and Rescue call-outs since October 1, and three Search and Rescue calls in three days.

“When we get this perfect weather like we’ve had recently, it’s been literally like every day,” said said Sgt Darrell Cashin with Washington County Search and Rescue. 

On Sunday Search and Rescue helped a man rappelling in Snow Canyon state park 

“Swinging across the rocks, hitting the rocks three or four times, falls about 30 feet,  but he’s till 200 feet up. We had to set up a 200 foot lower to get him down, to get him back up so he could get medical help,” said Cashin. 

On Monday, it was an ATV rescue in Mohave County on the Arizona strip.

“Didn’t have a GPS, so we had do some searching to find him. He had some pretty traumatic injuries to his body. We had to put him in a helicopter just to get him out,” said Cashin.

And on Tuesday Search and Rescue responded to a injured cyclist on a St. George trail. 

It marks 80 Search and Rescue calls in 2017

“When I took over this job almost 5 years ago we had 44. and every year it has increased.

Last year we were at 85, this year we’re at 80, and i’m expected we’ll eclipse 85 the way it’s been lately,” said Cashin.

Cashin blames the increase on tourism, great weather, and the outdoor recreation opportunities in the area. With the holidays coming, he knows more rescues are on their way. 

“We’re not saying don’t come. We’re saying come and enjoy it. It’s beautiful country. We’re just saying: Be prepared. Even though it’s cooling off, take plenty of water, take a jacket with you – something to stay warm.”

Cashin says if someone feels they might need help, to call right away.  

“If you have cell service call 911, they will get a GPS, and then stay put and let us come to you. Unless your life is in danger and you have to move, stay put.  I know no one thinks its going to happen to them, but almost everyone we’ve rescued didn’t think it was ever going to happen to them, so please come prepared.”

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