Representatives from Dixie State University hope to secure funding for new STEM building

Southern Utah

SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah)- Utah’s fastest growing university is hoping to secure funding for a new STEM building.

Administrators, professors, and students from Dixie State University were on Capitol Hill Tuesday, building awareness for their school.

This year the university experienced record enrollment overall, but specifically their Freshman Class. Biff Williams, President of Dixie State University, said they are building a student focuses environment.

“We have a mantra of ‘[active learning. active life]…a lot of students today want to be involved and engaged in their learning;They don’t want to be lectured to…and so, our faculty have adopted this mantra.”

This week the university is rolling out their first Master’s Program in Accounting. Soon they will offer a Master’s of Software Development in the STEM field.

The university has a major goal to build and sustain an “educational pipeline” so K-12 students are prepared to fuel the economy. 

“We want to help solve this problem by making STEM education a priority by providing kids in Southern Utah with above average, hands-on, STEM learning experiences.,” the school’s website says.

Currently they offer over a dozen K-16 STEM summer camps and afterschool programs in coding, computer science, math, biology, geology, mechanical engineering and more.

This week the university is hoping to secure funding for a $50 million STEM building.

Their STEM website highlights this goal. “We believe if we start with STEM, we can face the future with confidence”.

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