ENOCH, Utah (ABC4) – Residents in Enoch say they’re hoping to be better prepared for the next flash flood, but say they need help from local and state officials.

Sharissa Turnbaugh’s lived in Enoch for 27 years. While she’s seen flash floods here before, she says the past two weeks have been rough for this rural community.

“We had some wonderful neighbors helping us, each time each Monday that it’s happened in the last two weeks,” says Turnbaugh.

She says culverts here are clogged or smashed in, causing problems with flooding coming from the foothills.

“The grade that was put on all these homes on Tumble Weed Dr. is off, not one that I know of is to code,” she says.

Now, residents here are looking at updating drainage to better flow water.

“It would be fabulous if we could get all of our streets and house to code, because as you can see, this street level is down and it tilts down and we’re down in,” she says.

Iron County officials are taking another look at what needs to be done to better prepare for flash flooding.

“It came as a real shock and I don’t think a lot of people were ready for it now a lot of people are reassessing where they built and how high they built and where they built and that’s going to be a conversation we’re going to have beyond this flood,” says George Colson, the Iron County Emergency Manager.

The county announced Tuesday an emergency declaration, to hopefully get funding while they reassess damage.

Iron County officials are asking for help filling sandbags at two locations in Cedar City. If you want to help, bring a shovel and gloves to 716 N Airport Road or 1105 N Bulldog Road.