Police: Washington City man faces stalking charges after allegedly following multiple women in his car

Southern Utah

WASHINGTON CITY (ABC4 News) – A Washington City man is facing stalking charges after police say they conducted an investigation and learned he’s been following multiple women throughout Washington County in his car in recent weeks.

Tregg Pickup, 22, was arrested Tuesday and formally charged with stalking, a class A misdemeanor.

Washington City police said a woman was walking in her neighborhood in the Green Springs area when a white Honda Accord with Idaho license plates allegedly started to follow her on Feb. 2. Detectives said she hid on the side of her home as he circulated the area looking for her, and the incident wasn’t the first time.

“Just stay vigilant,” Washington City Police Lt. Kory Klotz said. “If you see a car drive past you two or three times, that’s very concerning, especially if you see them flip U-turns right in front of you or behind you.”

The suspect was allegedly driving the Honda Accord. Detectives said once the victim’s son arrived and started taking pictures of Pickup’s car, Pickup drove off.

“He found out where she lives because she went home for safety, so obviously she’s very concerned about that,” said Klotz.

In October of 2019, investigators said the victim told them she was walking near her home when the same suspect driving the same car asked her for directions and where she goes to church; at that point, she told police she walked away.

Two weeks after the incident, the same suspect allegedly pulled over the victim’s friend, asking for directions and then proceeding to ask her to have sex with him. Police said the victim’s friend reported the incident at the time. The victim said her friend looks identical to her and she believes she was the original target, according to police records.

“If you’re getting that feeling in your gut, you’re more than likely right,” Klotz said. “We would rather be called and it turns out to be nothing. We would rather know about it so we can link these cases if there’s a pattern, just like we did in this case.”

Detectives said they interviewed Pickup twice and he allegedly admitted he was targeting the woman and revealed at least five other similar encounters with different women in Washington County so far.

Washington City police said stalking is unpredictable and no two stalking situations are alike, so don’t downplay the danger. If you feel unsafe, you probably are.


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