SOUTHWESTERN UTAH (ABC4) — A Wisconsin photographer who made her way to the Beehive State to research locations for her work found a rather disturbing real-live image.

Stephanie Hull, who specializes in shooting abandoned buildings, travels across the U.S. scouting locations to shoot. While exploring southwestern Utah, she came across an abandoned property with a number of cattle carcasses strewn about, including on top of small home.

The Utah Department of Agriculture was alerted, and they don’t seem to have any cattle reported missing or any suspicious activity from nearby ranchers. So how did a cow carcass make it onto a roof?

“From their analysis of the photos, the cattle would have had to be deceased when placed on the roof of the building, otherwise they would have jumped off,” stated UDA spokesperson Bailee Woolstenhulme. “We do not know how or why they would have been placed up there, but since no cattle have been reported missing or stolen, we don`t presume there was illegal activity. If any ranchers have discovered they have missing cattle and believe these could be theirs, we encourage them to contact the local brand inspector as well and local law enforcement.”

Hull found the scene “shocking.”

“There are no other buildings anywhere near the home,” Hull told “The home was empty except for an old couch. You could tell the property has been abandoned for several years. The floor is full of holes, so it’s unsafe to walk in.”

Hull declined to share the exact location of the property to keep people from further defacing it or doing other activities out there.