ST. GEORGE, Utah (ABC4) — Three hiking trails in St. George are under repair after heavy rain caused damage, according to the City of St. George on Facebook.

Officials said that the Virgin River North Trail, just east of River Road, was one of the trails damaged by weather. The City of St. George said that section is now closed, along with spots along the Santa Clara River Trail and the Middleton Wash Trail.

The City of St. George said they are working to repair those trails, but do not yet have a re-opening timeline.

“Safety is our top priority,” the city said on Facebook.

Additionally, the city asked that people exercise caution along the 70 miles of paved trails in the area.

To hike safely, the National Park Service said to check local weather forecasts, file an itinerary, be aware of limits, stay on the trail, and leave no trace.

There are “ten essentials” to bring on a hike, they said, including:

  • Navigation — Map, compass, and GPS system
  • Sun protection — Sunglasses, sunscreen, and hat
  • Insulation — Jacket, hat, gloves, rain shell, and thermal underwear
  • Illumination — Flashlight, lanterns, and headlamp
  • First-aid supplies — First-aid kit
  • Fire — Matches, lighter, and fire starters
  • Repair kit and tools — Duct tape, knife, screwdriver, and scissors
  • Nutrition — Food
  • Emergency shelter — Tent, space blanket, tarp, and bivy
  • Hydration — Water and water treatment supplies

Additionally, the National Park Service said that for those active outdoors, especially in hot weather, it is important to drink water often and before you feel thirsty. They said to prepare water before a hike and to identify bodies of water at your destination that you could collect water from and treat.