CEDAR CITY, Utah (ABC4) – “I have nothing, pretty much, it’s gone, you know, it’s like you think it’s water, you can save it, but it was septic water and we lost thousands of dollars that it took years for us to get and it’s just gone,” says Pyper Thornberry, a student at Southern Utah University.

Pyper Thornberry walked through her basement-level apartment Monday at the University West complex to find many of her personals floating around in dirty water.

“I didn’t see my apartment, it was completely submerged,” she says.

Pyper is from Australia and plays basketball for SUU. She says everyone who lives here is giving one-another a hand-up.

“This whole apartment complex, we’ve got families upstairs, you know, football players who’ve got kids, you know, and we’ve got nothing,” she says.

Pyper says she lost her athletic gear, food, electronics, clothing, and school supplies and she’s not the only one.

“It’s really confronting, it’s kind of just upsetting that me and my boyfriend’s life is just sitting in a plastic bag right now all from donations,” she says.

SUU leaders say several staff members living near campus are also displaced. The university is offering beds on campus to students, but with the fall semester just around the corner and no vacancy, students are in distress.

“Cedar already has a shortage for students here for housing, so that’s something crazy, you know, we’re still going through a pandemic, you know, there’s more than just us losing everything,” says Pyper.

The community is asking for volunteers during the clean-up process and for donations to help those in need.

One student leader, Kyley Hernandez, set up a Go Fund Me to help students who may need it.